Level Up Your Life: How to Unlock Adventure and Happiness by Becoming the Hero of Your Own Story

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Level Up Your Life uses the principles of video games, movies, television, comic books, and pop culture to teach you how to transform your life in extraordinary ways and collect real-world experiences that are just as amazing and fulfilling as the adventures of comic book heroes and video game characters. Learn how to design your own personal Epic Quest of Awesome through advice on health, fitness, travel, and finance.

Author Steve Kamb, the founder/creator of, leads you on a journey to discover the kind of game you want to play, including how to:

* Develop a leveling structure
* Create a personal Origin Story (every hero has a great origin story)
* Determine what your Level 50 character will look like
* Build your own quest lists
* Hack your productivity, habits, and willpower to build momentum
* Build in rewards and accountability
* Add members to your party, expanding your community
* Find your own personal Yoda or Morpheus (i.e. mentor) to help you along the way
* Restart and earn Extra Lives (how to keep going when you get scared or stuck)