Memory Foam Neck Pillow for Travel by MCtektt Pillows ★ Neck Support Pillow

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Very durable pillow that will comfort you on long commutes, road trips and flights. Also great for lounging and watching television or working from home. The contoured design offers premium support. This pillow is ideal for people who suffer from chronic neck pain as it molds to the natural form of your body. Its ergonomic design keeps your head from falling forward for the perfect fit. You can also rotate the pillow to your preference and it will mold to that positioning. It comes in navy blue with a front toggle button to secure around neck. Fits men and women. Get rid of your stiffness from unconventional positions and purchase a proper supportive travel pillow.


  • High quality density memory foam that molds to the natural contours of your neck with front snap.
  • Removable washable cover with zipper and it compresses easily to fit in your carry-on.
  • Ergonomically designed to prevent neck stiffness neck due to long road trips in car, flights or working.
  • U shaped travel pillow made of high quality imported plush velour fabric.
  • Durable and high quality construction compared to other brands.