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Introducing The Snooze Time Travel Inflatable Air Pillow Set including Eye Sleep Mask and Ear Plugs This set is great for children and adults and will have you sleeping like a baby. It features:

1. SOFT AND COMFORTABLE PREMIUM TRAVEL INFLATABLE NECK PILLOW- Sits right on your shoulders so you can rest your head and fall asleep easily with full neck support so you will have no neck pains upon waking up. Pillow holds air and wont deflate unless you want it to. Works great for home or on the go.
2. HIGH QUALITY SNUG FITTING EYE SLEEP MASK - Great for blocking out unwanted artificial or natural light
3. BONUS EARPLUGS - Keep your peace and quiet by blocking out loud sounds like radios, conversations, car traffic, air plane noises etc
4. A FREE CARRYING CASE - Travel pillow can deflate and fold along with the eye mask and ear plugs into the carrying case it comes with. Great for packing into even the smallest suit case, bag, luggage or purse.

FREE SHIPPING when you order 2 or more travel pillow sets! (save $$$)

Pillow: 13"W x 9.5"L x 3.5"H when inflated
Eye Mask: 7.25"W X 3.5" H
Ear plugs: 1"H


  • ✔ CONTOURED SHAPE - Travel inflatable pillow is smooth/soft and is designed cradle your neck and help you fall asleep in any position | Adjust firmness of inflation to your liking
  • ✔ PERFECT FOR TRAVEL - Travel inflated pillow deflates flat & folds along with eye mask & ear plugs into handy carrying case (included). Easy to carry in your pocket, luggage or purse.
  • ✔ PREMIUM EYE MASK - Snug fitting sleep mask blocks even the brightest light so your rest is undisturbed | Sleep mask fits kids and adults
  • ✔ BONUS EAR PLUGS - To block loud sounds such as traffic or airplane noises
  • ✔ FREE SHIPPING When you buy three or more travel pillow sets! (Save $$$) | 100% Money Back Guarantee on this travel set