Travel Pillow – Best Memory Foam Therapeutic U-shaped Neck Pillow – Ergonomic

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From the moment you take your new Posturex Ergonomic Gel Memory Foam Travel Pillow from its packaging, you will notice superior quality in every way. The smoothness of the Jacquard Velour Cover feels soft and snug against your skin. This 80% cotton cover is removable and washable to maintain its freshness. As you place the pillow around your neck you will immediately sense the optimal support on offer. On attaching the front button to itself you will feel the additional stability of your pillow in your desired position.

Only the highest quality constituents have been selected to make this Viscoelastic Memory Foam. Be careful of other cheaper products using substandard materials which cannot provide the same support or the ability to mold effectively to your neck.

The cooling gel technology layers the top of the foam and prevents a build-up of heat with prolonged use such as lengthy airplane flights.

The versatility of this Contoured Pillow lends itself well to a variety of different positions. It can be rotated 90 degrees to offer greater support on your side of preference. Being memory foam of a proper quality, it can be modified to suit the individual requirements of its owner. Unlike cheaper memory foam products, this stays the way it is shaped with pressure exerted against it.

Rejuvenate on long flights, prevent neck torsion & stiffness from unconventional positions and purchase a proper, supportive travel pillow.

Backed by a Three Year Replacement Guarantee, this pillow is a must for every traveler that can maximize usage through home & office use as well.

This makes an excellent gift. Purchase two and save on shipping.

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  • Rest comfortably on flights and trips with your neck properly supported. Posturex Ergo Gel Travel Pillow is the best travel pillow and ultimate companion. Convenient snap holds the pillow in place and can also secure it to luggage
  • Non toxic, hypoallergenic with no foul chemical odors like so many memory foam products on the market. Cooling Gel technology prevents excess heat developing.
  • Highest quality premium memory foam will mold to your natural neck curves for a custom fitting. Viscoelastic properties are designed to rebound slowly, allowing time to properly conform to pressure exerted against it. Perfect rebound time for true memory foam is 3-5 Seconds.
  • Ergonomic design by a Chiropractor to prevent stiffness developing during travel or use.
  • Removable and washable cover: Jacquard Velour is 80% Cotton 20% Polyester and provides a plush, soft feel with strong high-density stitching. Must have for plane, car, train, home, reading and watching TV. Backed by a 3 year Guarantee.