Best Travel Neck Pillow – Airplane Pillow – Perfect For Average to Plus Size


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THE ERGONOMIC DESIGN along with the high IQ premium grade memory foam cushion, make this travel pillow stand out 'neck', head and shoulders above the competition.

PLEASE DON'T CONFUSE THIS SUPERIOR, LUXURY TRAVEL NECK PILLOW with the useless 'bead filled', fibre and inflatable travel pillows you find elsewhere online or at the airport for twice the price of this quality travel neck pillow.

THE SNUGGLE Ü TRAVEL PILLOW will fit up to a 20 inch neck size, providing comfort during travel for almost all shapes and sizes. Our neck pillow is slightly larger than average which means it ACTUALLY WORKS. Small neck pillows around an adults neck simply don't work!!

MAKE THOSE UNCOMFORTABLE, RESTLESS JOURNEYS a thing of the past with our top quality travel neck pillow. The premium grade memory foam will form to the contours of your head, neck and shoulder to provide support to the part of the body which suffers most on long journeys or extended periods of sitting

PURCHASE THIS AMAZING TRAVEL PILLOW TODAY if you don't want to wake up on a flight with your head resting on your neighbours shoulder - how embarrassing would that be?!! Let our travel pillow provide the 'snuggle', not a strangers shoulder. Be the envy of your fellow passengers on all of your flights when they see you zzzzzzzzzzzzing away with the help of your new travel companion The Snuggle Ü Travel Neck Pillow

FREE SHIPPING IF YOU PURCHASE A 2nd TRAVEL PILLOW! Don't run the risk of your partner suddenly deciding that your new travel pillow purchase was a good idea after all and the inevitable guilt trip resulting in you handing over your new prize possession! Come on - We have all been there, right?!!


  • HIGH QUALITY MEMORY FOAM TRAVEL PILLOW - Ergonomically formed to provide ultimate comfort and support to your head and neck. With its higher than average sides designed to alleviate 'neck kink' and shallow back preventing the head from being pushed forward. The Snuggle Ü travel neck pillow will become your indispensable travel companion.
  • PORTABLE, HEAVY DUTY TRAVEL BAG WITH DRAWSTRING - Allows you to store your travel neck pillow neatly by reducing the memory foam travel pillow to less than 50% of its 'in use' size. A fantastic feature when packing your travel pillow into your carry on for plane journeys.
  • MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS FOR THIS MOST VITAL OF TRAVEL ACCESSORIES - From planes, cars, trains to uses around the home such as sitting at your computer desk or to just help alleviate chronic neck pain or general discomfort. Benefit from our amazingly versatile memory foam travel pillow, whether you seek amazing neck support and comfort on a long flight or just a helping snuggle at home in front of the T.V. All of your needs are met with this #1 travel neck pillow.
  • REMOVABLE AND WASHABLE luxury microfibre cover secured with an 'invisible' zipper. An essential feature of any plane travel pillow to wash away all of those unwanted airplane germs!
  • RISK FREE PURCHASE - If you're not totally happy with The Snuggle Ü travel neck pillow, we will refund you without exception. Purchase in confidence with our 100% Wrap Around Comfort Guarantee.