Myllow – The Only Fully Adjustable Travel Pillow. The Best Neck Pillow


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The Original Myllow Travel Pillow helps support your head and neck while resting in either an upright or reclined position.

CUSTOMIZED COMFORT The level of volume can be varied to meet your individual needs-low, medium, or full.

A pillow that adjusts is best for your spine. Myllow can be adjusted to fit the unique shape and curves of the user. Your Myllow will mold to your individual shape and alleviate any pressure points. Pull the drawcords and stoppers in opposite directions and the micro-bead filled pillow sides increase in volume to the amount of neck and head support you need.

- Soft, plush fabric filled with micro-foam beads for superior support and cushioning.
- Free of toxic fumes that are usually present in memory foam pillows.
- Ready to use! No "break-in" period like memory foam pillows.
- Portable design. Attaches easily to carry on luggage handles.
- Easy draw cord adjusters for the best cervical neck support.
- Each side offers a unique soft fabric texture. One side is plush while the other is smooth a microfiber spandex.
- Easily converts to a square pillow. Great for lower back (lumbar) support.
- Convenient snap tab to secure around your neck.
- Unique patented design. You won't find this anywhere else.

HELPS WITH: Sleeping or Resting in a seated position
-Preventing the head from bending too far to one side or the other.
-Creating a support so that the weight of the head is partially taken care of by the pillow.
-Avoiding neck strain.
-Supporting the lower back.


  • ADJUSTABLE! The first and only fully adjustable travel pillow. Simple pull the drawcords and stoppers in opposite directions and you have full customizable support.
  • FULL HEAD AND NECK SUPPORT with its customizable sides. No other travel pillow does this!
  • TRANSFORMS! Changes easily into a square pillow for you lower back or if you're a tray table sleeper on the airplane.
  • EXTRA POCKET to store your travel accessories. Conveniently holds your eye mask, ear plugs, headphones, or music player or smart phone.
  • UNIQUE PATENTED DESIGN. You won't find this anywhere else.