Premium Therapeutic Grade Neck Support Cushion with Pain Free Guarantee by Desk

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Great neck support pillow and headrest. Perfect for airline travel.


  • ARE YOU READY FOR THE ULTIMATE IN NECK PAIN RELIEF? - Never again experience the excruciating pain of a stiff neck... Live your life without the embarrassment of having to turn your whole body because pain won't allow you to move your neck.
  • TAKE YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND ON A TRIP - Ingenious design enables IMPRESSIVE VERSATILITY... you can take it everywhere you go... Convenient strap makes it a perfect headrest ... Air Travel? Don't leave home without it!... Need something soothing and soft to rest your head on? Your new friend will be there for you.
  • EVERLASTING GOBSTOPPER - Designed for a lifetime of use... You can rest, and rest, and rest; and it WILL NEVER GO FLAT! Washable cover is easily removeable so you can keep your neck cushion looking new for years!
  • WE HAVE RENDERED THE COMPETITION OBSOLETE - Our game-changing cushion design is made with you in mind... the intelligent NECK SUPPORT SYSTEM eliminates neck pain by keeping ears, shoulders, and spine in perfect alignment... You can achieve living pain free WITHOUT SURGERY, PILLS, or CREAMS! Our favorite customers are those who have purchased a competing brand and then ours... In that first sitting moment... the realization of quality that had been missing before is now there.... soothing, molding, and caressing itself to your unique body shape
  • TRY IT RISK FREE WITH OUR PAIN FREE GUARANTEE - We believe so strongly that THIS IS WHAT YOU'VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR that WE GUARANTEE IT! Backed with a 100% Money Back Guarantee and AMAZING customer support. WE CARE ABOUT YOUR COMFORT. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase we will refund your full purchase price! Do not be fooled by imitators or unauthorized dealers. Warranty and guarantee only valid when purchased through Desk Jockey. All other 3rd party sellers are unauthorized vendors. Buy with confidence by making sure Desk Jockey is the vendor. Guarantee valid on NEW cushions only.